cropped-ghost.jpgWe ride because we can
We ride because we have to
We ride because there is nothing better
We ride because we love our mother
We ride because others don’t
We ride to be free
We are warriors 
We face the battle each time we ride
We face our fears
We face our limitations
We face danger
WE celebrate our victories!

When one of us is struck down, bleeding and broken, we all bleed
When one of us succumbs to death, we all die a little

The Warrior page is a space dedicated to those who have been vulnerable road users and have been injured or killed by vehicles for simply riding a bike.

To that end it is a place to hold reverence and seek quiet introspection.  It is a place to challenge fears.  It is a place to share deep sorrows or glad rejoicing.  It is a place carved out for anyone who has ever been injured in any way while being a bicyclist.  Injury and death are not things we talk about daily.  This is the place where it will be okay to talk about it.

It is appropriate that the biking community show love and support in the following ways:

  • Reach out to the injured & family who has been hospitalized
  • Reach out to family of the deceased to offer whatever assistance may be needed
  • Create and contribute to a funeral fund for the warrior
  • BikeTucsonAZ will offer free obituary listing on this site
  • BikeTucsonAZ will coordinate with other biking community groups to honor the warrior during the Ride Of Silence / celebration of life / silent yearly ride event (3rd Wed in May)

Please visit the Support page to ear mark donations for any of these activities and make suggestions to enhance this service to our community.

Aleta Wright, Editor/Publisher
#HitbyCar 2/9/2016
A determined warrior