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Biking in Tucson, Arizona, with 100+ miles of separated linear bike paths, known as The Loop, and 300+ days of sunshine makes this bike friendly city a must-go-and-see stop on your bucket list.

BikeTucsonAZ.org is a small not-for-profit news and information site for all things bike in the Old Pueblo.

Our mission:

Inspire – young and young at heart to get on a bike and ride – to school, store, church, park, work, just about anything.

Communicate – create original content as well as communicate news from our city, county, state and the nation regarding all aspects of the alt-transportation life.  If it is human powered we want to share news, technology, geeky stuff, and legal or legislative efforts to make streets safer for all.

Educate – tomorrows leaders and change agents about the pressing issues of our time including climate change, human powered means to combat it, and community strengths and initiatives to solve local problems.  The answers we seek are within our power to achieve them.

We are the change we seek.

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Aleta Wright, Editor/Publisher/Blog Mistress