Meet Dr. Telpriore Greg Tucker

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Meet Dr. Telpriore Greg Tucker, Chemist.  Greg is a new resident to Tucson moving from Phoenix six months ago.

We were both out exploring the very south end of The Loop near the Pima Air & Space Museum when we stopped for water, tried to get a couple of aircraft photos, and watch the sun in it’s final descent towards twilight.  

Dr. Tucker has been busy since moving to the Old Pueblo by checking out and riding most of The Loop segments. He lives near Speedway and Pantano and is just 3 short miles from work.  He’s been riding the Pantano Wash of The Loop to work regularly.

He is thrilled to discover that The Loop goes around the entire city.  He has been trying to ride every leg of it.   Today he was adding to the scorecard and out on a 20 mile ride.  He started from home in the Irvington area and peddled all the way down to the Air Museum.

He explains that his favorite thing about riding a bike:   “What I love about riding my bike? I have a Raleigh Trevino eight speed.  Riding is like a form of meditation.  Besides being a workout, it’s an opportunity to clear my head. While I’m riding freely in the wind, I might be looking into the sunset or scenery. Just feeling the wind across my body–it’s a great feeling.  I try to push my body as hard as I can.  I use my mind so much, mentally, in the laboratory, riding is an opportunity to get out of a chair.  Standing in front of the lab machine is tiring and just getting on the bike helps.”

“With these bikes you can go places where most people won’t travel because we’re such an automotive society. I love these trails, especially these buffered bike lanes, where there are no stop lights. There are a couple stops here and there. Other than that you get to ride freely.  I get to work out. I get to meditate. I get to become an explorer.”

Apparently there are at least two doctors in the family.  As we went our separate ways on the path Dr. Tucker mentioned that he will be leaving Tucson tonight just before midnight.  He said he’ll be driving to Portland, Oregon, another very bike-centric city, to see his little brother, Dr. Raymond Tucker.  He’ll be stopping for bike rides in San Diego, California, and then travelling north via the Pacific Coast Highway to the Bay Area, then on to the Rose City.

Safe travels, Dr. Tucker, we’ll see you when you return and on The Loop or at any of the Bike Fest activities around town in the month of April.

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by Aleta Wright, editor.publisher  520-329-2022. Tips, story ideas.