Cyclovia Success

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Cyclovia was a ‘magical’ event with good food and lots of local arts and culture to explore. The blocked off streets made it easy and fun to ride around. I especially enjoyed the refreshing “Agua Refresca” booth near the MOCA.  I would’ve gone on the zipline, but the line was too long.
By: Burt Hall,  15 years old, Cleveland Ohio
We really enjoy coming down to Cyclovia every 6 months and bringing the kids and seeing new neighborhoods in Tucson.
The Swanson Family
The numbers are in. 32,000 people, plus quite a few dogs, one UofA mascot, and one unicorn attended Cyclovia yesterday.
The 2.5 mile route from downtown to South Tucson allowed riders to experience downtown core museum, park and high rise buildings, wind through artsy and unique neighborhoods, and pass by parks, playgrounds and schools.
Some favorites were the zip line, fry bread and burritos from local vendors.  Cyclovia staff and volunteers, in conjunction with Tucson police officers, helped direct cyclists and vehicle drivers through or around the route.
Next Cyclovia event scheduled for:  October 29, 2017.  See you there!