2.5ish days until Cyclovia, ready, set, go!

In honor of #TBT and the upcoming Living Streets Alliance April 2, 2017, signature event, Cyclovia, I thought it appropriate to take a ride, down memory lane.

Meet my first bike:  (okay not really but a close approximation)


Okay, man, this is what I remember.  I can say “man” because it was the 70’s and it was hip to say that.  Granted I was a little kid in that decade but I still remember my bike like it was yesterday.

Banana seat – everybody that had a bike had one of these seats and they were really great for riding your best friend around the block.  You just had to make sure that you stuck your legs really far out to avoid the spokes and chain.  You never put your feet on the chain guard because you would crash and then your best friend would be a frenemy for at least a week while the scabs healed.

My bike had high handle bars with streamers which were a must but when you crashed they would usually break off so eventually you’d end up with stubble.  Helmets were NOT required and I don’t ever remember wearing one – ever. Coaster brakes were standard.

The best part about riding around the neighborhood with all of us kids was when one of the boys showed us how to clip a playing card to our back rack and make it sound like a bigger 10 speed bike.  This came in handy when we wanted to ditch the boys because we could always hear them coming down the block.  I smile and giggle a little thinking of it now.

I look forward to peddling around Cyclovia and capturing some stories and pictures of those who are young or young at heart.  See you there!

-Aleta Wright, Kid at Heart